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What are the classifications of inkjet printers?

The cij printer is a device that is controlled by software and uses a non-touch method to mark the product. What are the classifications of the cij printers of Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd.? Let us take a look at the technicians from inkjet printer manufacturers:

1. Continuous inkjet technology (ContinuousInkjetPrinter)

Under the pressure of the ink supply pump, the ink passes through the ink tank from the ink tank. In the pipeline, adjust the pressure, viscosity, and enter the spray gun. As the pressure continues, the ink is ejected from the nozzle. When the ink passes through the nozzle, it is cracked into a series of continuous ink droplets with the same spacing and the same size under the action of the piezoelectric crystal. The jetted ink stream continues to move downward and is charged through the charging electrode, where the ink droplets are separated from the ink line. A certain voltage is applied to the charging electrode, and when the ink drop is separated from the conductive ink line, it will instantly carry a negative charge that is proportional to the voltage applied to the charging electrode. By changing the voltage frequency of the charging electrode to make it the same as the frequency of the ink droplet cracking, each ink droplet can be charged with a predetermined negative charge. Under the continuous pressure, the ink flow continues to move downwards. The deflection plate with positive and negative voltage passes through the middle, and the charged ink drop will deflect when passing the deflection plate. The degree of deflection depends on the amount of charge. The uncharged ink drop does not deflect and flies down and flows into the recovery tube. , And finally return to the ink tank for recycling through the recovery pipeline. The charged and deflected ink drops fall onto objects passing in front of the straight nozzle at a certain speed and angle.

2. DropOnDemand technology (DropOnDemand)

There are three types of printers with drop-on-demand inkjet technology, piezoelectric inkjet technology, pressure valve inkjet technology, thermal Each type of foam inkjet technology works differently.

1) Piezoelectric inkjet technology: piezoelectric inkjet printer is also called high resolution inkjet printer or high resolution cij printer. On the integrated nozzle, there are 128 or more piezoelectric inkjet printers. The crystals respectively control the multiple nozzle holes on the nozzle plate. Through the processing of the CPU, a series of electrical signals are output to the piezoelectric crystals through the drive board. The piezoelectric crystals are deformed, so that the ink is ejected from the nozzles and drops. On the surface of the moving object, a dot matrix is u200bu200bformed to form text, numbers or graphics. Then, the piezoelectric crystal returns to its original shape, and new ink enters the nozzle due to the surface tension of the ink. Because of the high density of ink dots per square centimeter, the application of piezoelectric technology can print high-quality text, complex logos and barcodes and other information.

2) Solenoid valve type inkjet printer (large character cij printer): the nozzle is composed of 7 or 16 groups of high-precision intelligent micro-shaped valves. When printing, the characters or graphics to be printed Through the processing of the computer motherboard, a series of electrical signals are output to the intelligent micro solenoid valve through the output board. The valve opens and closes quickly. The ink is ejected into ink dots based on the constant internal pressure, and the ink dots form characters or characters on the surface of the moving printed matter. Graphics.

3. Thermal foaming inkjet technology (ThermalinkjetTechnolog)

TIJ for short, uses a thin film resistor to heat less than 0.5% of the ink in the ink ejection area to form a Vapor bubble. This bubble expands at a very fast speed (less than 10 microseconds), forcing ink droplets to eject from the nozzle. The bubble continues to grow for a few microseconds, then disappears back to the resistor. When the bubble disappears, the ink in the nozzle retracts. Then the surface tension will generate suction.

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