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What are the commonly used consumables for date inkjet printers?

Date cij printers have achieved high-efficiency and high-quality brand effects in the sign industry. It is also that cij printers will face differences in skills and services in the future increase in production capacity. The correct use of date inkjet printers requires daily protection, and also requires related operations in accordance with relevant regulations. The use of date inkjet printer is to promote the high productivity of marking. So which inkjet printer consumables are often used? 1. Date cij printer ink. The ink of the date inkjet printer is like the blood of the inkjet printer, without ink, it will not be able to produce marks. The inkjet printer ink requirements are not high, just use the type specified by the date cij printer provider. However, do not use alternative inks on the market to avoid damage to the internal parts of the printer.

Second, the date inkjet printer solvent Thinner is indispensable. Regarding high-concentration inks, the thinner has a good effect of adjusting the density, which can reduce the agglomeration of the ink in the inkjet industrial inkjet printer, and is an essential consumable for the circulation and application of the date inkjet printer. Third, the date inkjet printer cleaning agent The cleaning agent is used when the date cij printer shuts down. It has a very good dissolving effect on the ink. The ink can easily remove traces even when the ink is dry or agglomerated. It is one of the important auxiliary consumables for removing ink residues when the printer is running and ensuring the quality of ink printing. The metering requirements of the cleaning agent should be used in accordance with the relevant application specifications.

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