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What are the defects in the application of the inkjet printer in the bottle cap process

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-19

The cij printer is a commonly used machine in the industrial production process. It is necessary to use the inkjet printer to print dates and patterns. Then in the production of bottle caps, problems often occur. The problem of coding vial caps will cause the efficiency of the entire workshop to drop. So what shortcomings do we often have?

1. It is easy to miss, crook, or type half-characters. These defects are mainly caused by equipment failure, for example: the height of the bottle is uneven, a slightly higher bottle will hit the nozzle of the printer, causing missed and crooked printing; if the printer is not debugged in place, it will cause half of the bottle. Words etc.

2, the code is worn out. The coding is normal before the beer is sealed. After the box was sealed and then opened for inspection, the markings on individual bottle caps were worn out, especially the four corners of the box were seriously worn out. The reason for this phenomenon is mainly related to the adaptability of the equipment size, resulting in excessive friction between the load-bearing parts of the four corners of the carton and the cap.

3. The handwriting is not clear. Only when the bottle cap is dry and oil-free can the marking quality be clear and stable. Therefore, the general brewery is equipped with a blowing device in front of the printer. If the wind pressure is insufficient, the water stains on the bottle cap will not be blown clean, or the wind itself will be dirty and oily, it will easily cause the words to spread after coding. If the blowing device is located at the front, please pay attention to whether the contact part of the labeling machine and the cover is clean and free of water stains.

In response to this situation, manufacturers need to understand the causes of defects that often occur in the application of cij printers. In order to find a solution.

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