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What are the faults that are prone to occur in the use of laser coders? -

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-21

In the daily operation, the laser coding machine sometimes has problems. If the problem cannot be dealt with in time, it will affect the production efficiency of the factory. Below, we have sorted out some of the fault points that are easy to occur in the use of the laser Leadtech Coding machine.

1. Turn on the power, and the white light of the laser controller will continue to light up (more than 5 minutes)


1. The MMC card in the controller of the laser machine is not inserted properly. After power off, unplug it again and turn it on again.

2. If the user data information is damaged, repair the MMC card information according to the data backed up in advance.

3. If the MMC card is damaged, consult the equipment manufacturer.

Second, the printed font is inclined. The main factors are that the moving direction of the item and the direction of the galvanometer lens are not vertical; the scale factor setting error


1. Ensure the verticality of the moving direction of the item and the direction of the vibrating lens;

2. Then adjust the scale factor set by the software parameters until the problem is solved.

3. The engraved characters are unevenly stressed, and the printed fonts are different in shades. The cause is that the marking surface of the item is uneven, and the light-emitting surface of the galvanometer is not parallel to the marking surface of the item.


1. Try to keep the surface of the item as flat as possible;

2. Try to keep the light-emitting surface of the galvanometer parallel to the marking surface of the item.

Fourth, the printing information is blurred


1. The printing distance is not adjusted properly, check and adjust the printing distance again.

2. The lens is not clean, check and clean the lens.

3. If the material of the product is changed, adjust the printing parameters according to the material again.

Five, printing font deformation


1. The fixed speed parameter is set incorrectly, and the production line speed is measured again.

2. The encoder parameters are set incorrectly. Check whether the encoder wiring, encoder wheel and pulse parameters are accurate.

3. The synchronizer is damaged, replace the synchronizer.

4. If the synchronizing wheel slips, replace the installation position and fix the synchronizing wheel again.

6. Some information is not clearly printed.


1. If the working distance is wrong, check and adjust the working distance again, and pay attention to the influence of the jitter of the production line on the focus distance.

2. If the lens is partially unclean, check and clean the lens, and replace it if necessary.

3. The machine is not parallel to the surface to be printed, adjust the machine again to make the lens parallel to the printing surface

7. The printing information is incomplete.


1. The marking speed of the laser printing machine is too slow. Increase the marking speed of the laser machine and reduce the printing time of the laser machine.

2. The production line speed is too fast, reduce the production line speed.

3. The configuration of the production line is incorrect. Check whether the installation position of the laser machine/the angle of the product moving direction is set incorrectly.

4. The electric eye is triggered by mistake, and the electric eye is triggered too fast; adjust the sensitivity of the electric eye and set the appropriate signal blocking section.

Eight, missing printing


1. The electric eye does not detect the product correctly, adjust the sensitivity of the electric eye.

2. The parameter setting of the machine is incorrect, check the signal blocking setting.

3. The product conveying line or conveyor belt is unstable, and the product cannot be accurately positioned at the coding position.

The above troubleshooting of the laser coding machine, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you are interested in learning more about Leadtech Coding, please call us!

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