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What are the main differences between inkjet printers and engraving machines

Today's products basically need to be printed with some product information. These are very important for the entire production and management. These companies are very rigorous in this area. When printing, there are two types of machines. One is the cij printer and the other is the cutting plotter. What is the difference between the two? Next, I will tell you in detail.   Engraving machines are generally divided into physical engraving machines (code printers) and laser marking machines (laser cij printers). These are used in the form of marking to form a certain contrast on the surface of the product. The inkjet printer is mainly composed of ink circuit and circuit. An inkjet printer is a complete ink circuit operation system. The circuit and ink circuit are equally important. Different accessories have different divisions of labor. Depending on the configuration, the performance advantages are also somewhat different. the difference. The inkjet printer has some necessary consumables that are indispensable during the use of the inkjet printer. The quality of the inkjet printer's consumables is the key to whether the inkjet printer can run stably and print clear and beautiful fonts. The selection quality is stable and reliable. The supplier of inkjet printer consumables has also become a topic of concern to users.   cutting plotter generally only needs ink, and there are not many types, most of which are barreled inks. These are mainly divided into fast-drying inks and slow-drying inks, which can also be called oil-based inks and water-based inks. The main difference between inkjet printer and engraving machine is shared with you in detail. I hope that when making choices, you can make relevant choices according to your own needs. These mainly depend on what we need to achieve. Kind of purpose.

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