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What are the performance of the thermal transfer printer

Each product has a certain local performance. People generally need to consider some performance when buying some products. This is mainly to make corresponding considerations according to their own needs, and fully solve the problems they want to solve. The essential. So, what are the performance of the thermal transfer printer? Next, I will tell you in detail about the performance.  First point: 300dpi resolution and can print a variety of information   Thermal transfer coding has the function of heating the print head and the ribbon. The color pigments on the aluminum foil can be heated and printed on the required area, thereby greatly enhancing the accuracy, and secondly, with the help of mature thermal transfer coding technology, it can be directly coded on the packaging material. You can eliminate the label, and the cost will be significantly reduced. The second point: The product has a certain economic efficiency. The product adopts the most advanced thermal transfer coding technology, and the ribbon consumption is very small. Moreover, this equipment can be used in small packaging bags, outer metal foils, packaging films, The marking on packaging products such as continuous film can also be used to fill and seal the marking machinery, thus solving the needs of all aspects. The third point: the use of intermittent printing and continuous printing thermal transfer printers start the real-time printing program according to the signal sent out. After printing is completed, the product moves forward and the print head returns to the initial position, which is performed on the moving product Thermal transfer coding. The packaging machine sends a signal, and the print head is pushed into the roller on the carriage to start printing. As soon as the print job ends, the print head will immediately return to the initial position. The printing speed is automatically adjusted to ensure stable and clear printing images. The above is a detailed description of the performance of the thermal transfer printer. We need to greatly increase the efficiency of the work. We need to do a comprehensive consideration. Under the premise of doing a good job in consideration, we should conduct a professional understanding , Find the products you want according to your needs.

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