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What are the problems with QR code printing on bottle caps?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-20

In the beverage industry, one of the fast-moving consumer goods industry, huge changes are taking place from labeling to marketing. From the traditional small character inkjet printer to print a production date and shelf life, to the QR code logo inside the bottle cap, The transformation and upgrading is not a big deal. Behind these changes are the intensification of market competition, the understanding of customer needs and the pressure of manufacturers' sales. There are two common coding methods for the outside of the bottle cap: small character cij printer and laser inkjet printer. The resolution of the small character inkjet printer itself is relatively low, but its printing speed is fast. Under the condition of stable machine settings and good printing effect, the scanning rate of the printed dot matrix QR code is still very good, and it is equipped with automatic vision. 99.9% of QR codes can be scanned after detecting, alarming, and rejecting equipment. What are the problems and difficulties faced by the QR code of the bottle cap printed by the small character inkjet printer?

1. The safety of the ink The inkjet printer ink is a ketone-based consumable, which is volatile and corrosive. If the inkjet printer directly contacts the beverage inside the bottle cap, it will cause many safety problems, such as whether it will produce toxic harmful substances, etc. 2. Printing speed The two-dimensional code printing of bottle caps has high requirements for speed, and ordinary small character cij printers can no longer meet the needs of high-speed printing. Cap manufacturers generally need to print 800-1500 caps per minute. Whether it is a domestic cij printer or an imported inkjet printer, it is difficult to achieve high-speed inkjet printing when the size of the QR code is large enough. 3. The adhesion ink of QR code printing will quickly dry after UV irradiation, which greatly increases the difficulty of modification and erasing. However, as the internal Leadtech Coding of the bottle cap, on the one hand, it is the speed, and on the other hand, it is also the landing problem of the installation technology. , which will affect the implementation of the UV inkjet printer. 4. Scanning rate problem After coding by a simple coding equipment, it is difficult for us to determine the pass rate and pass rate of the scanning code. At this time, the requirements of the equipment are increased. It must be an overall solution with an integrated system. Covering, coding, visual inspection, alarming, and proposing, for example, a process as a whole can be solved to achieve more value, which increases the cost of equipment procurement and the difficulty of the project.

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