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What are the reasons for the price disparity of inkjet printers?

are not only widely used in food packaging, pipes, medicine, beverages and other industries, but also other industries such as wire and cable industry, batteries, springs, aluminum profiles and other industries are slowly penetrating! Initially, the coding starts from the production date, retention period, etc. , Now the coding is more used for anti-counterfeiting and traceability of products. The widespread use of inkjet printers has promoted a surge in the demand for inkjet printers. At present, there are many inkjet printer manufacturers in China, so why are the prices of inkjet printers on the market different? At present, there are three main types of inkjet printers on the market: 1. Imported cij printers Imported inkjet printers are imported from abroad to China, which requires high brand fees, tariffs, transportation fees, and high-cost foreign labor costs! The price of printers purchased by merchants will be relatively higher. 2. Domestic inkjet printers with independent research and development technology Domestic inkjet printers have relatively low manufacturing materials and labor costs, and do not need to pay customs duties, etc., completely assembled and produced by themselves. Domestic cij printers are cheaper. Its quality and stability are not as good as imported printers. 3. The introduction of technical standard inkjet printers from developed countries With China's accession to the WTO, it has continuously introduced advanced foreign technologies. The technical level of the inkjet printer has also reached the quality of the imported inkjet printer. The core components from related design to machine quality, life and stability are all manufactured with imported inkjet printer technology standards, and related hardware is imported from abroad! This can guarantee the inkjet printer The stability and service life of the inkjet printer! It is not only the machine that affects the price of the cij printer, but the after-sales service will also affect the price of the inkjet printer. During the use of the inkjet printer, subsequent consumables and machine cleaning services are also factors that affect the price of the inkjet printer. Therefore, you must consider comprehensively when buying inkjet printers, choose the right manufacturer, and provide inkjet printers at affordable prices, and the follow-up after-sales service is relatively timely, so you can buy with confidence.

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