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What are the requirements for marking and coding of health products?

The label of health food must not involve disease prevention and treatment functions. The label must state that 'this product cannot replace drugsSome companies often put the warnings of 'this product cannot replace drugs' in an inconspicuous position, and the fonts are also small, so that manufacturers have the opportunity to exaggerate the efficacy of health products and false publicity. The 'Guidelines for Labeling Warning Terms for Health Foods' requires all health foods to be marked with warnings that 'health foods are not medicines and cannot replace medicines to treat diseases' in a conspicuous position on the packaging. The warning should be located on the main display page of the product packaging and should not be less than 20%.

The 'Guide' reminds consumers that when purchasing health food, they must look for the health food logo and approval number on the package, and pay attention to the requirements and taboos of the label and instructions. Clear date marking is also essential, and companies need to choose cij printers with clear inks. The medical products industry has strict standards for all kinds of drugs, and the outer packaging carton is no exception. We have developed targeted solutions that can print product information and Bar codes, ingredients, logos and other information. Small character inkjet codes can be adhered to almost all common packaging materials; thermal foam inkjet codes are easy to integrate into packaging production lines that adopt upper or horizontal inkjet printing; large characters inkjet codes are specially designed for large-sized information in the outer box. , Laser coding rarely uses consumables when marking text, barcodes or images.

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