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What are the requirements for the inkjet printer to code on the pipe?

The pipe cij industrial inkjet printer adopts cij printer and nozzle moving device, so that one cij printer can print multiple pipes at the same time, which improves the utilization rate of the product. The drainage line is the same as the threading pipe, and the production workshop is like a flour mill, and only one production line can be used. Plastic pipes in the pipe industry include threading pipes, PE pipes, drain pipes, hoses and various plastic coiled pipes. PE pipes and drain pipes are slightly different. Generally, PE pipes are black and must be sprayed with white or yellow. White ink and yellow ink are different from ordinary ink, and a professional white ink printer and yellow ink industrial inkjet printer are required. Hoses and various plastic pipe coil machines need meter counting and coding. If the meter counting requires precise use of encoders, it can be realized, and laser coding machines can be used.

In the pipe industry, cij printers generally have the following requirements: 1. The inkjet code is clear, stable, clean, resistant to wear and movement. 2. The minimum sprayed characters are 0.8 mm, which can meet the coding and marking requirements of small pipes. 3. It is suitable for operation under high temperature and high heat production environment. 4. It can print various complex graphics or factory standards and standard certifications, such as UL, CE, etc. 5. Automatic meter counting function, continuous and instant printing information, without affecting the operation of the entire production process. 6. Different colors or opaque inks can be sprayed on the surface of products or parts of different materials.

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