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What are the three aspects of coding and marking in the dairy industry?

are gradually becoming more and more widely used in the dairy industry. Inkjet coding is one of the most reliable means of marking product packaging. Inkjet marking technology can print production dates, expiration dates, and dates on liquid and solid product packaging of different specifications. Various information such as batch number, product name, bar code, etc. are also suitable for most commonly used materials, such as paper, PET plastic bottles, glass bottles, composite films, etc. Manufacturers in the dairy industry have the following three considerations for marking products: 1. As required by laws and regulations, most countries including China have established standards and regulations, and manufacturers must indicate the production date and expiration date on the outer packaging of the product. , Batch number and other information to ensure that the product can be used safely in the hands of consumers. 2. Production management requirements. Product identification is a very important part of the manufacturer's production management. Effective product tracking can be carried out according to the coding shift, batch number, and production date. It has good traceability and improves production and logistics. Management and control. Third, the requirements of brand marketing. In the process of marketing, clear and accurate logos can become one of the ways for consumers to recognize the brand, as well as a confidence sign for safe use. In addition to marking content and different materials, the production environment is also very important to the printer, such as humidity, low temperature, shock absorption of the assembly line, hygiene of the coding, cleaning requirements, whether it can be flushed with other production equipment The series of cij printers provided by our company can meet these industry standards. The stainless steel body structure of up to IP55 protection level meets the high-speed and clean requirements of the packaging line, and can withstand huge daily output (up to 10,000 pieces or more per hour). The nozzle part of the cij printer is controlled by a thermostatic module. The temperature of the ink ejected from the nozzle can quickly reach the best printing temperature in a low temperature environment to ensure the printing quality. It is very suitable for the 0-10 degree refrigerated environment in the dairy industry. In dairy coding, dairy products use special environmentally friendly ink with a small odor, no pollution to the production environment, and compliance with sanitary standards.

cij printer are all following the most compatible manufacturing regulations.

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