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What aspects of consumables commonly used in inkjet printers should be paid attention to

The current machines are very particular about consumables, so when purchasing materials, you must make corresponding choices according to specific needs, otherwise, this will have a great impact on the machine, like ours The cij printer is also the same. Next, I will share with you some details about the consumables commonly used in inkjet printers. I hope this will help you.   First is the ink of the printer. The ink of the inkjet printer is like the blood of the inkjet printer. Without ink, no beautiful logo can be produced. do not have high requirements for ink, just use the type specified by the inkjet printer provider. Do not use some bad consumables to avoid damage to the internal parts of the printer.  Secondly, it is the choice of solvent, that is, diluent is indispensable. For high-concentration inks, the diluent plays a good role in adjusting the concentration. It can effectively reduce the internal condensation of the inkjet printer or the blockage caused by the tiny nozzle diameter. This is an essential consumable for the smooth use of the inkjet printer.   The last thing is to have a good cleaning agent, which is needed when the printer is turned off and on. This has a good dissolving effect on the ink, and the ink can easily remove traces when the ink is dry or agglomerated. This is one of the important auxiliary consumables for removing the ink residue when the inkjet printer is running, so as to ensure the quality of ink jet printing. The metering of the cleaning agent needs to be used in accordance with the relevant use standards. Some details about the consumables commonly used in inkjet printers that need to be paid attention to are shared with you in detail. I hope that when you make a purchase, you must pay attention to the specifications of the product. For us, these are also very good for the machine. The protective effect.

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