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What details should be paid attention to when using the printer?

Now our products have better packaging, which is also very important for us, which can highlight our brand very well, for us, it is very important, and this It is an effect demonstrated through the use of our inkjet printer, but a good effect also requires a good method. Next, I will analyze in detail with you about: some details that need to be paid attention to when using the cij printer, hope Everyone is paying attention. Detail 1: When using this kind of machine, if the power supply is not good, it is best not to use a voltage stabilizer. This can reduce the power supply peak and loss of power. Do not use some poor grounding, otherwise it may interfere with the electric eye and synchronization. In the case of printer input, the inkjet printer should not be installed near the equipment with large interference, such as the spark machine of the cable production line. If you do not know what kind of equipment is around, you should ask the on-site personnel in time; so as to ensure the nozzle, bracket and production line Maintain relative independence to ensure that the production line does not generate static electricity near the nozzle.  Detail 2: Wire and conduit arrangement. It is recommended to use cable ties, try to use wires with the right length to avoid causing the nozzle to swing, consider the bending radius, avoid vibration and high current lines when routing the wires, and ensure that they will not be collided by other equipment during work. It is best to isolate the printer with a protective cover.   Detail 3: Some damage caused by electrical interference. Or high-voltage wave peaks cause damage to some parts, which may damage sensitive equipment of electrical interference and cause the microprocessor circuit board to fail. This will affect the normal operation of some chips. In this case, we must pay attention This is possible, do not wind the wire/conduit near some high-current wires, this will avoid the use of motors and heaters, try to keep the length of the wire as short as possible, and at the same time do not share the printer and the production line, try to use it without inductive interference It is best to connect the ground wire to the main circuit.  Detail 4: Install the nozzle. The distance between the installation position of the print head and the printer should not be higher or less than 1.5m. In addition, we need to confirm that the product will not stop under the print head, because the backlog of the production line may cause leakage/partial leakage. At the same time, it can effectively avoid the vibration of the nozzle, which can ensure the insulation of the nozzle and the support and ensure that the nozzle is not sprayed to the production line, so that the position of the nozzle can be confirmed to facilitate repair and maintenance operations. Finally, the nozzle should not be placed and installed too low to prevent rebound phenomenon. Some details about the use of cij printers are shared with you in detail. I hope you should understand some details when performing corresponding operations. This is also very important for us. of.

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