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What factors affect the price of QR code printers?

The two-dimensional code inkjet industrial inkjet printer mainly uses non-contact marking equipment. The inkjet method uses continuous inkjet technology (referred to as CIJ). Since the two-dimensional code inkjet printer has fast marking speed and clear code, the two-dimensional code inkjet printer has been favored by users of manufacturers since its birth. Friends who understand the QR code inkjet printer will find that the manufacturers and brands of cij printers on the market are different, and the prices of different small character inkjet printers are also very different, from domestic QR code inkjet printers to imported cij printers. Machine, the price is generally between more than 10,000 to more than 50,000. 1. Factors of the two-dimensional code inkjet printer inkjet printer components. Like other production equipment, the components of the printer directly affect the price of the printer. Take the nozzle of the inkjet printer as an example. According to the material, it is divided into stainless steel nozzle and ruby u200bu200bnozzle. The production of stainless steel nozzles brings low cost and low price, which is suitable for low-end models. The ruby u200bu200bnozzle has the cost of high production, but it is more durable than the stainless steel nozzle and has a longer life in conventional use. Therefore, it is usually the choice of mid-to-high-end inkjet industrial inkjet printer brands. The quality of the components of the inkjet printer is the main factor that affects the inkjet industrial inkjet printer. Therefore, when choosing a small character cij printer, avoid the ambiguity of pursuing low prices.

2. After-sales service of QR code printing. The working principle of the inkjet printer is simple, but in the process of daily use, problems that affect the normal use of the inkjet printer will inevitably occur, such as ink line deviation of the inkjet printer, recycling failures, etc., and the technical level of users is limited. If these small problems are not solved in time, it is easy to cause greater damage to the printer. Therefore, it is necessary for the printer manufacturer to have after-sales service and perform on-site maintenance when necessary. A good printer manufacturer has a relatively complete after-sales service for the printer, which can ensure that the problem of the printer is solved in a short time. So as to provide a strong guarantee for the stable production of the enterprise. Therefore, choosing a low-cost inkjet printer without stable after-sales service is not necessarily a good choice for manufacturers. 3. The impact of changes in the marketing methods of QR code inkjet printers on the price of cij printers. Online shopping has changed the consumption habits of most people. Especially for production equipment, the network online marketing model has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Most of the company's procurement process has gradually shifted from offline to online, and manufacturers only need to inquire about product consultation-sign a contract-product order, etc., product sales have gradually become simpler, and sales companies have also increased, compared with traditional The new marketing method is more competitive, and the price war of inkjet printers is even more fierce. But this does not mean that the lower the price of the inkjet printer, the more worth it to choose. If there is no good quality and good after-sales service, for enterprise users, choosing a low-cost inkjet printer is often not worth the gain, because there will be more The parts need to be replaced. In this case, the replacement cost and after-sales service costs of the parts will be borne by the manufacturer.

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