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What is a flying laser marking machine? The difference with ordinary laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-09

The birth of the flying laser marking machine makes the laser marking machine better meet the requirements of industrial production. During the production process of the flying laser marking machine, the products flow continuously on the production line, which greatly improves the production efficiency. It is an example of automation, a part of the workpiece is marked within a certain time, and the static laser marking machine is a semi-automatic marking mode, with manual feeding and feeding, the workpiece is placed on the work platform, and the marking is completed. Manual feeding, both The main difference is the difference between the laser, vibrator and control software. In short, the flying laser marking machine needs to work more efficiently, the mirroring needs to be faster, and the control software needs to be more comprehensive, which is mainly reflected in the marking time in the laser marking process, which is also the main point of the flying laser marking machine. The main factors affecting this performance are as follows:

1. Various delay parameters of the laser marking machine oscillator;


2. Control card processing and data transfer speed.

3. Jumping and marking speed of vibrating mirror;

It can be seen that in some high-end applications, imported The frequency of the galvanometer is much higher than that of the domestic detector. Therefore, the performance of the marking machine depends not only on the core equipment laser, but also on the choice of vibrator and field lens.

Generally speaking, the requirements for static electricity are not very high, most of them are made by domestic equipment, it depends on the demand, most of them are made by domestic laser and oscillation Made of oscillators, for flying laser marking in industrial automation, almost all oscillators are imported.

Comprehensively speaking, the flying laser marking machine means that the speed is faster, the level of industrial control automation is high, and there is no need to add manual service positions. The static laser marking machine must manually serve the left and right materials, which belongs to the automatic assembly line production and processing method, and must be equipped with manual service positions. The configuration hardware of flying laser marking machine is higher than that of stationary laser marking machine.

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