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What is the cause of the printer pressure failure

In daily work, there will be pressure failures in the process of frequent use of cij printers. Then what is the cause? Next, let us analyze with linx cij printer engineers to solve this problem. 1. The ink line speed is normal, the pressure loss, or is too high. (1) Check whether there are additives in the additive tank and replenish the additives; check the viscosity of the ink to determine whether the ink is thinning (2) Check whether the shape of the breakpoint is correct, and adjust the breakpoint; (3) ) Check whether the nozzle electrode is clean and clean the nozzle; 2. Pressure loss failure caused by the failure of the pump motor (1) The failure of the pump motor causes the loss of power, which causes the total pressure loss to display pressure failure. (2) The motor is disconnected from the pump. At this time, although the motor is rotating, the gear in the front section of the pump does not rotate, resulting in a total pressure loss and a pressure failure. (3) The gears of the pump are worn and the drive rate is lost, which leads to the loss of department pressure and indicates pressure failure.

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