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What is the correct operation method of the printer

Nowadays, people are very rigorous in the operation of machines, so when operating, they should master some common-sense skills and need to understand some related knowledge. These are very important for me. , Next, I will share some details with you about: the correct operation method of the inkjet printer, I hope this will be helpful to everyone. 1. When the printer is moved, it must be handled gently and moved slowly. After the printer is powered on, do not unplug the nozzle line on the printer when it is powered. Unplug it, this may cause a short circuit and cause the nozzle to burn. 2. If the inkjet printer uses some side spray method, then you need to apply some cleaning fluid to the nozzle after turning on the next day, wait a minute or two, and then gently squeeze the ink bag , After the ink flows out from the print head, then put a piece of white paper in front of the print head, press the strong spray button, and move the white paper in front of the print head slightly, so that the test printing can be achieved. effect. This requires us to master some testing skills. 3. If the cij printer adopts the downward spraying method, then the operator must loosen all the screws on the nozzle clamp block after turning on the next day, and then move the cij printer nozzle in a horizontal position. Then follow the steps described in the second point to repeat the operation until it is verified that the printer can be used normally without any problems, and then install the print head to the position that needs to be printed. The correct operation method of the inkjet printer is shared with you in detail. I hope you should pay more attention to some details when operating. At the same time, we also need to do some specific knowledge about the machine. In this case, We will be handy when we operate.

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