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What is the difference between a laser printer and a laser printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-28
Generally speaking, laser printers refer to lasers that can only mark statically, and laser printers often refer to online laser marking. In terms of the price difference between laser printers and laser printers, the on-line (streamlined) laser printers are more expensive. The specific price depends on the selection of accessories (including lasers, galvanometers and other main components). In ' Types and Applications   The classification of laser printers and laser printers is similar. Here we mainly introduce laser printers. According to the different laser generation and principles, the mainstream products of laser printers are divided into CO2 carbon dioxide lasers, fiber lasers and semiconductor lasers. The wavelengths are divided into 10.64nm and 9.3nm. Optional, mainly subdivided product models with different power such as 10W, 30W and 60W. For products with different materials and different laminated products, there are strong pertinent requirements. The laser marking range is from 70mmx70mm to 250mmx250mm. The lens size can be selected to fully meet the production needs; the maximum marking speed is 600 characters/sec. (Depending on the specific material), the control software is the same. They are all customized or developed operating software in the WINDOWSCE system, which is reasonable, convenient, safe, simple and reliable.
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