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What is the difference between co2 laser marking machine and other lasers

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-20

At present, the most widely used laser marking machine models on the market include fiber laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine, and CO2 laser marking machine. These three types of models can cover almost all kinds of product marking and packaging. applied. It is also the current mainstream laser marking equipment.

The advantages of UV laser marking machine over fiber laser marking machine:

In terms of wavelength, the wavelength of UV laser is shorter than that of visible light, so it is invisible to the naked eye. While you can't see these laser beams, it's these short wavelengths that allow UV lasers to be focused more precisely, producing extremely fine circuit characteristics while maintaining excellent positioning accuracy. Another important factor is that, in addition to the lower temperature of the workpiece, the presence of high-energy photons in the ultraviolet light allows the ultraviolet laser to be applied to large PCB circuit board assemblies, from standard materials such as FR4 to high-frequency ceramic composite materials and polyimide including polyimide. Various materials such as flexible PCB materials are suitable. Absorptivity of three common PCB materials under the action of six different lasers. The six lasers include an excimer laser (248 nm wavelength), an infrared laser (1064 nm wavelength), and two CO2 lasers (9.4 μm and 10.6 μm wavelengths, respectively). Ultraviolet laser (Nd:YAG, wavelength 355nm) is a rare laser with uniform absorption among the three materials.

Fiber laser marking machine

The UV laser marking machine shows very high absorption rate when applied to resin and copper, and it also has appropriate performance when processing glass. Absorption rate. Only expensive excimer lasers (wavelength 248nm) get better overall absorption when processing these primary materials. This material difference makes UV lasers the best choice for a variety of PCB material applications in many industrial fields, from the production of the most basic circuit boards, circuit wiring, to advanced processes such as the production of pocket-sized embedded chips.

Price of fiber laser marking machine

The computer system of UV laser marking machine directly from the computer-aided design data to the processing circuit board, which means that there is no need for any middleman. Coupled with the precise focusing capabilities of the UV light, UV laser systems can implement very specific solutions and repeat positioning. It can be said that the positioning is accurate, which is also one of the necessary requirements of the circuit board industry.

It is especially important to choose a laser with high stability. It is very important to pay attention to whether the supplier company has a certain scale. It is unrealistic to expect quality control in a factory with three or five people, so the quality of a small company is not good. Large companies are not very cost-effective. It is best to choose a medium-sized company with certain experience and the price will not be outrageous. The above is a personal opinion and is for reference only.

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