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What is the difference between UV inkjet printer and small character inkjet printer?

What is the difference between UV inkjet printer and ordinary small character cij printer? Presumably this is a question that many new and old customers who need to buy inkjet printers often wonder. Although both are identification devices, the difference between small character inkjet printers and UV inkjet printers is actually very big. manufacturers will share some technical knowledge in this area with you, so that everyone can understand these two devices more easily and quickly. 1. Different application industries Small character inkjet printers are widely used in food, beverages, pipes, medical packaging, wine, cables, daily cosmetics, electronic components, PCB and other products. Common inkjet printing content includes three common periods (production date, expiration date, shelf life), manufacturer's LOGO pattern, counter, time information, etc.

UV inkjet printers have great advantages in packaging identification and transcoding printing. It is usually integrated on packaging equipment such as rewinders and other automatic platforms. It can spray large-format variable information on labels or some permeable materials, such as common two-dimensional code information, one-dimensional code information, multi-line patterns and multi-line text recognition. , The printing speed is fast, the resolution is high, and the printing effect similar to printing can be achieved. It can reach 200 meters per minute as early as possible, and it often appears.

2. The printing height of small character cij printers with different printing heights is generally between 1.3 mm and 12 mm. Many cij printer manufacturers will advertise that their equipment can be 18mm or 15 mm Printing with a height of mm is seldom realized during normal work. Generally, when the nozzle is too far away from the product, there will be such a height, and the printed text will be scattered. It seems that the quality of inkjet printing will be greatly reduced, and the dot matrix may be irregular, which affects the quality of the inkjet printing.

The printing height of UV inkjet printers will be much higher. For common UV cij printers, a single nozzle can print a height of 54 mm, and a host can seamlessly splice 6 nozzles, which can achieve ultra-large format printing with a height of 430 mm or more, and realize some similar to the overall code recognition of corrugated boxes. solution.

3. Big price difference There is another important difference between UV inkjet printer and small character cij printer, that is, the big difference in purchase price and threshold is very different. With an automated production line, its price will be further increased, which discourages many small production plants. During use, the use and maintenance costs of the two types of equipment are also different. Small character inkjet printers are simpler to use, cheaper to maintain and repair, and use inks and solvents more common, making them a more economical identification device.

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