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What is the reason for the price difference of inkjet printers?

With the improvement of the quality system, the inkjet printer has become one of the indispensable equipment. The cij printer is not only widely used in food packaging, pipes, medicine, beverages and other industries, but also began to be used in the wire and cable industry, battery , Spring, light industry keel, aluminum profile and other industries.

It is precisely because of such a wide range of applications that the demand for cij printers has increased dramatically. The same dot matrix inkjet printers achieve the same or similar functions, so why is the price disparity of inkjet printers on the market so large? Let's take you to find out below by Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd.

Classification of inkjet printer merchants

Now the market is mainly divided into three types of inkjet printers:

1, all imported inkjet printers, these manufacturers are imported from abroad to China, which requires high brand fees, tariffs, transportation fees, and high-cost labor costs abroad. These cost agents or businesses will not pay for themselves, so this part of the cost is naturally borne by consumers.

2. Domestically developed inkjet printer with independent research and development technology, the cost of manufacturing materials and labor is relatively low, and there is no need to pay tariffs, etc., and it is completely assembled and produced by itself. So the price is relatively low. However, the quality and stability of this model need to be improved.

3. Introduce developed technology standard inkjet printer, similar to ForU brand inkjet printer. Following China's accession to the WTO, it has continuously introduced advanced foreign technology. Make the technical level of the inkjet printer reach the quality of the imported inkjet printer. This kind of business is in accordance with international standards. The core components of related design to machine quality, life and stability are all manufactured using imported inkjet printer technology standards, and related hardware is imported from abroad, which can ensure the stability and service life of the inkjet printer. !

Is the brand's inkjet printer directly proportional to the product quality?

A trend in the Chinese market now is to set up its own independent brand, because everyone sees that branded products can be sold at a good price! Among them is the brand fee! But we can't blindly pursue the brand! Not all brand inkjet printers are good inkjet printers, and it is not that good inkjet printers cannot be made without a brand! This requires us to choose carefully, as the saying goes: the fragrance of wine is not afraid of the deep alley! This is the truth!

You get what you pay for!

As we all know: you get what you pay for! The more refined the workmanship, the higher the stability and the higher the protection level, the more expensive the inkjet printer will be! But this type of inkjet printer can guarantee the relevant quality performance! In addition, inkjet printers are similar to the automotive industry, with post-maintenance. The after-sales service of the inkjet printer is also a crucial reference factor! When customers are looking for low prices, they tend to pull down the profits of the inkjet printer industry, but when the machines are not making money, businesses will try other ways to make up for the relevant profits! Some businesses will use cheap devices (decrease the quality of the printer) and greatly reduce the after-sales service! In this way, it can be sold cheaper, so that customers want to be cheaper... This forms a vicious circle! However, some companies are unwilling to reduce costs in exchange for sales in order to establish their own brand image, so the prices have been 'high'. What we consumers need is to purchase related equipment according to their own requirements. Don't buy cheap or expensive ones. Only buy the ones that suit you. The after-sales service must be guaranteed.

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Undoubtedly, cij printer are made with advanced equipment.

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