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What is the relationship between laser marking machine and steel?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-27

Metals often contain harmful impurities or inclusions, such as p.s.0.n and non-metallic inclusions, which are either dissolved in the metal matrix or exist independently in the metal matrix. When these elements or inclusions exist, the laser absorption rate of fiber laser marking machine is much higher than that of metal. When non-metallic impurities and metals are irradiated by laser, they will absorb more laser energy due to the high absorption rate of non-metallics.

Laser marking machine is more commonly used in steel welding. The laser marking machine can weld carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc. In the welding of different steels, the laser welding technology is carried out simultaneously with the steel. How are the two related?

1. When the oxygen content in steel is greater than 0.01%, gas is easily generated during welding, resulting in the formation of pores and cracks, so the effect of laser welding technology for killed steel will be better.

2. Relationship with the change of carbon content in steel Carbon is the copper alloy in steel. The higher the carbon content in the steel, the higher the strength of the steel. However, with the increase of carbon content, the weld quality and component performance will gradually deteriorate. When the carbon content is significantly less than 0.1%, the low carbon steel material is easy to affect the laser welding technology, the welding effect is good, and the weld quality is high, because the low carbon martensite formed in the weld zone has good toughness. When the carbon content exceeds 0.1%, this steel can also be effectively used for laser welding technology, such as gears and other components, but due to the brittleness of martensite in different welds, it is prone to cold cracks.

3. P and s in steel are residual elements in the steelmaking process, which are prone to welding cracks. During laser penetration welding, the total content of p and s in the steel should be less than 0.04%. After the laser welding technology, the performance of the weld is also related to the mn.cr.mo.v and cu in the steel.

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