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What kind of inkjet printer is suitable for ppr pvc pipe

The development process of pipe coding is relatively difficult. For many manufacturers, choosing the right cij printer is very important, so that there are fewer detours.

So what kind of coding

printer should be used in plastic pipes to achieve the expected coding purpose? The technical staff of Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. stated that, in fact, the inkjet printer is not as simple as expected. Of course, it is not very complicated. Because the plastic pipe industry is dusty and the production environment is poor, the requirements for inkjet printers need to be upgraded by a level, and due to long-term continuous production, the workshop temperature is relatively high. Therefore, the ink and solvent (thinner) and other consumables used in the inkjet printer are very large, resulting in excessive production costs, so it is necessary to use a inkjet printer with a good overall effect.

Usually, plastic pipes that need to be coded include straight pipes and coiled pipes. Straight pipes generally include PVC electrical threading pipes (usually two or four pipes can be produced), PVC-U drainage pipes, PPR hot and cold water pipes, high-density PE pipes, ppe pe and other communication pipes, usually cut in length of 4-6 meters , The colors are different. The coils that need to be coded generally include PE water pipes, PE water pipes, PE-X PERT and other special pipes for floor heating and solar energy, soft PVC hoses (reinforced pipes), etc. These coils need to be sprayed in length when coding, that is, meter printing .

Since the above has made an understanding of the production environment and conditions of various pipes, let the inkjet printer manufacturer and technology Co., Ltd. recommend what kind of cij printers and solutions to use, as follows:< /p>

Threading pipe cij printer (faster than other large pipe diameters)

For threading pipe inkjet printing, you should use inkjet printer + nozzle moving device to make one inkjet printer The printer prints 1-4 pipes at the same time, which increases the interoperability of products and saves resources. The drainage pipe is the same as the threading pipe, and the production workshop is like a flour mill. Only need to spray a production line with a code printer. Since the general drain pipe is a single outlet (that is, one pipe is produced at a time), the selection of the cij printer is the same as the above, but no mobile equipment is required.

PE pipe coding printer (slower speed)

The coding of PE pipes is slightly different from that of drainage pipes. Since PE pipes are usually black, the markings on them must be white or yellow. This is a further requirement for the printer. As we all know, white ink coding printers are often prone to failures, so ordinary coding cannot be used for improvement, and professional white coding printers are needed.

Hose and various plastic coil inkjet printers

For hose coil type cij printers, meter counting is mainly required. If the meter count requires accuracy, it can be achieved by using an encoder, and the spacing of the spray characters can be finely adjusted, which greatly improves the accuracy of the meter count. It is your right choice to use the inkjet printer of Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. to realize meter printing.

The cij printer approach to date printing machine is becoming increasingly popular; consequently, there is a surge in the demand for .

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Individuals with varied technical skills use cij printer in a wide range of applications.

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