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A lot of product packaging need UV laser marking machine for spraying some product name or date of production, so in the very great degree of machine use frequency is very high. In the food processing industry and some building materials industry has appeared spurt the cij printer. So when using the equipment using the correct method is more important, so what methods of prolonging the service life of the UV printing machine? , keep good ventilation environment because the UV printing machine at the time of use is often work together with ink, the ink compared with other solvents and some corrosion resistance, so it needs to be in use for a good ventilated processing environment. So can better use of equipment. Because the corrosive ink can be directly deployed as romantic, good to ensure the equipment is normal. Second, completes the earthing protective measures in the use of UV printing machine need to grounding protection processing equipment, because of grounding protection treatment can prevent equipment from electrostatic phenomena. If not ground handling may cause spark phenomenon often appear, resulting in damage to equipment. So when using the equipment need for earthing protective device in the first place. Three, the ink can not be mixed with water can know from the related introduction of UV laser marking machine is used in the process of using the charging the means of processing, so it needs to be more careful in using ink. Must not be involved in the water in the ink. If the ink contains other natural water, water conductive role makes equipment printing errors. So as to make the UV printing machines, some inevitable problems. These are some methods to improve the UV laser marking machine service life. One is to maintain good ventilation environment, ventilation environment of ink will be very good to evaporate, so as to protect the equipment. Second, completes the protective measures when using the equipment need to processing, to prevent electrostatic spark phenomenon to appear. Three is the ink can not be mixed with other water. If these methods are able to very good execution, so the UV printing machine of the service and quality tends to be better.

In the office, various are considered essential since they are used to achieve particular tasks in the office. Among these , cij printer, date printing machine, and expiry date printing machine are widely used.

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