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What role can barcode labels play in anti-counterfeiting

With the transformation of business operations today, the business models and management methods used by many companies are still relatively backward, and these methods have become increasingly prominent in terms of efficiency, cost, and controllability. Therefore, the changes in the market environment have also put forward new requirements for the channel management methods of enterprises. What should companies do in the face of these new requirements? The technical staff of Inkjet Printer Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. gave us a simple analysis:

The product barcode label management system can help enterprises to implement strict supervision and control of the orderly flow of key commodities in the distribution network. Effectively improve the enterprise's channel management level and reduce the risk of following and avoiding channels. The system uses encrypted two-dimensional bar code label technology to accurately and confidentially identify key commodities. The company affixes a bar code label with only a logo on each product package. The bar code label can be an encrypted one-dimensional code or an encrypted two-dimensional code. The bar code contains product variety information, production information, and serial number. , Sales information, etc. In addition, because the two-dimensional bar code labels of each product are different and are related to specific information such as parts and serial numbers, it is difficult for other unrelated personnel to forge, and optical methods cannot be used to copy the bar code. And the logistics of each barcode is recorded in the database. Forged barcodes are not recorded in the database, they are easy to be checked and processed by the system, and the alarm is automatically issued. With bar code labels, companies can implement strict monitoring of commodity outbound, warehousing, logistics and other links through fast-reading bar code machines, and enable each business network in the distribution network to have a powerful commodity verification function. The outlets can check and match the product sales area, product attributes, etc. according to their needs. The check function will be implemented through a portable barcode scanning terminal or a notebook computer plus a barcode scanner.

At the same time, the barcode label management system also supports code anti-counterfeiting. The enterprise generates a serial number when printing the label and pastes it on the product. The user can check the legality of the serial number by dialing the service hotline. In addition, companies can also establish anti-counterfeiting query websites for customers to log in and query product serial numbers.

It can be seen that the use of bar code customization systems can help companies improve the company’s operational efficiency, and at the same time combat counterfeit and shoddy products in the market, and enable companies to develop more benignly.

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