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What should companies pay attention to when buying a mask inkjet printer?

1. Price. According to the mask inkjet printer we want to buy, if the screen printing process is not used, the dynamic coding method of the ink inkjet printer is used to achieve product identification, and the price is generally between 20,000 and 30,000. 2. Stability. Compared with ink jet printers, laser printers have better stability, which can be used for static marking or flying marking only by powering on. It can be used on mask production machines, which is flexible, simple and easy to integrate. It is also the future An important indicator of 3. Supporting suitability. What we need to pay attention to here is the speed issue. As a mask machine, some mask machines have a very fast production rate, which can reach an output of about 1,000 per minute. At this time, whether our marking equipment can meet the demand for efficiency will change. It’s very critical. Regardless of whether it is for disposable and easy-to-use masks, KN95 masks, or masks with higher technological content of materials that can be recycled and reused, Potential has a complete overall identification traceability solution. The high-resolution cij printer can reach a dynamic coding speed of 300 meters per minute on the production line. It has met the identification problems of many manufacturers at this critical period. It not only guarantees the clarity, but also achieves the printing effect of printing. Helped mask production and processing enterprises to realize the pain points of high-speed mass production to meet market demand. Learn more about Shanghai Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. serving you http://

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