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What should I do if a 'recycling error' appears after the printer is turned on and supplies ink

With the popularity of cij printers, more and more companies have begun to choose cij printers, but for users who are new to cij printers, they will not be able to start when they encounter various problems with inkjet printers. Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. is here to tell us what to do if a 'recycling error' occurs after the cij printer is turned on and supplies ink.

1) If there is no ink line, please clean the nozzle.

2) If there are ink lines, stop washing and open the 'Printing Settings' to enter the manual test to check whether the ink supply valve and the recovery valve are working properly. If they are working properly, you can hear a 'pop' at the moment of opening. 'sound. If the solenoid valve is working properly, it depends on whether there is an ink line in the spray chamber and whether the ink is recovered by the recycler. If it is not recovered, the recovery valve needs to be cleaned. If you do the test again, if it still cannot be recovered, you need to check whether the recovery device is transparent. The method is to inject diluent into the small hole of the recovery device with the cleaning bottle under the premise of opening the recovery valve in the manual test to observe whether it is recovered.

3) Check whether the plugs of the printer motherboard are plugged in tightly. Click 'OK' to confirm, open the front cover of the print head, press the cleaning button to clean, and see if there is any ink line ejected.

4) If the above problems are all normal, turn on the ink supply, and when the ink supply ends, a recycling error occurs, open the back cover of the print head, and look at a brown high temperature line and a thick ink tube for recycling (a total of 3 inks). One of the tubes is thicker) Whether the connection is firm.

5) Check the ink tank for ink.

6) Check whether the pipeline between the viscosity valve of the printer and the pressure sensor is blocked.

cij printer are all following the most compatible manufacturing regulations.

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