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What should I do if the charging fault alarm frequently appears after the printer is turned on normally?

Some customers of inkjet printer manufacturers may encounter frequent charging failure alarms after the cij printer is turned on normally and do not know what to do. The cij printer manufacturer will explain to us how to deal with this problem.

First, we need to find the cause of the alarm.

1. The charging tank and phase detector are dirty or wet. Enter the system menu to clean the nozzle, charging tank and phase detector. Dry the detector nozzle with a blower.

2. Poor grounding: check whether the grounding wire is in good contact.

3. Ink dot split is not good: observe the position of the ink dot division, if necessary, you can adjust the ink dot division.

4. The filter is clogged: to remove or replace the filter, only trained professional and technical personnel can operate it.

5. The ink is dirty or its expiration date has passed. Replace the ink and clean the ink supply system.

6. High-voltage leakage will reduce the height of the corresponding printed characters (over the high-voltage range setting) to '0

The above is the analysis of the causes and solutions for the problems of the inkjet printer. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. If it still can’t be solved, please come to the cij printer manufacturer and send technicians to solve your problems.

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