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What should I do if the printer is shut down for a long time and the nozzle is blocked?

Most factories will always encounter prolonged shutdowns, such as the Spring Festival and seasonal production, which can be as short as a few weeks or as long as a few months. During a long period of downtime, the cij printer is likely to cause nozzle blockage. How should we avoid and solve this problem? 01Why does the nozzle block after a long period of shutdown? A long-term shutdown of the printer may cause the ink supply pipeline and nozzles to dry up, resulting in partial or complete blockage of the ink in the ink supply pipeline or nozzle position. 02How to avoid it in advance? Normally develop a good standard shutdown habit (using the shutdown button), and turn on the machine regularly. If it is not used for a long period of time, the normal shutdown procedure must be followed during the last shutdown. During the normal power-on and turn-off process of the Leadtech printer, the ink pipeline in the machine will be thoroughly cleaned, so that no residual ink in the ink path and print head will dry up, so that the print head will not be blocked if it is stopped for a long time. (Ink circuit diagram) 03 print head is already clogged, what should I do? The first case: there is ink line, not collimation. In this case, we found that after turning on the ink line, the ink line was ejected from the nozzle, but there was a slight jitter, or it was not accurately injected into the recovery slot, indicating that our nozzle was partially clogged. 1/ Use the nozzle cleaning function in the inkjet printer to clean the nozzles according to the standard process; 2/ The general nozzles can be restored smoothly after a few repetitions. If it still fails to work, please refer to the second case handling method. The second case: no ink line, no collimation. In this case, we found that after turning on the ink line, no ink line was ejected from the nozzle, and the machine reported that the ejection was not collimated. This means that our nozzle has been completely blocked. In the case that the steps of use case 1 cannot effectively clear the nozzle: 1/ We remove the nozzle, put it in a container with cleaning solvent, and soak for about 10 minutes (it can be cleaned by ultrasonic equipment if possible); 2/ Use a syringe to test whether the nozzle has been dredged; 3/ Repeat this step until the nozzle is dredged; 4/ Put the nozzle back into the nozzle and adjust the ink line, then it can work normally. 04Video: How to clean the nozzle? The high temperature continues in many places, please pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling~~ Click to check the heatstroke prevention and cooling tips. For more information, please call: 4006 702 216021-3279600

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