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What should I pay attention to when debugging and installing inkjet printers?

In order to prolong the service life of the cij printer, we should strictly follow the operating standards when debugging and using the inkjet printer. The following are the main items when debugging and using: 1. The machine is lightly placed in the process of transferring the cij printer. It is a precision machine. It must be handled with care when transporting, do not squeeze the outer packaging of the printer, and ensure that the side facing upwards when placed. At the beginning of commissioning, the printer should be handled with care. 2. Do not plug or unplug the inkjet printer with power. During the debugging process of the cij printer, after the power is turned on, never plug or unplug the inkjet printer head line with power to avoid burning the nozzles. If the printer head is plugged or unplugged when the power is on, it is easy to burn the nozzle. 3. Test the printing effect. After the printer is installed, you can use the side spray method to spray the cleaning fluid on the surface of the nozzle. After a while, gently squeeze the ink bag. Test the printing effect 128 holes are all ink (no white lines), then the test coding is completed. If a white line appears in the middle of the spray, squeeze the ink bag again and repeat the action until there is no white line in the test code. 4. Machine maintenance. It is best to refuel the machine where it needs to be lubricated every month in order to keep the machine in good condition. Also, if the machine is not used for a long time, the ink thread of the machine should be cleaned, so that the machine can be used normally when it is not used for a long time.

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