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The laser printing machine is a new type of large code equipment, which is different from the traditional ink printer. The laser printer uses laser burning and etching, and uses the displacement of the laser beam to mark patterns and text. When using a laser industrial inkjet printer, it usually needs to be used in conjunction with a computer. To use the laser printing machine, you need to operate it with the computer, edit and set the inkjet content through the supporting software, and then use the laser head to align the code. The laser printer is easy to operate, suitable for marking on the packaging surface, and the printed logo will not fall off due to high temperature, high humidity or solvent wipes, and has strong anti-counterfeiting. The laser printer is widely used in beverages, clothing, electronics, automobiles, etc. field.

When using the laser printer, be careful not to irradiate the laser on the body, which will cause certain damage to the body. Therefore, the laser printer must be used safely. During operation, do not open the cover or remove any parts when the printer is emitting or about to emit laser, and do not expose any part of the head or body to the laser working area. Do not look directly at the laser strictly when it is turned on. It is strictly forbidden for flammable and explosive materials such as alcohol, gasoline and thinner to approach the laser printer. Daily maintenance of the laser printing machine is required to remove the residue on the fan blades. You can use high-quality lens paper or cotton balls moistened with absolute alcohol to clean and maintain the optical lenses. The above are the matters needing attention when using the laser industrial inkjet printer. As long as you master these matters, you can use the laser industrial inkjet printer safely and efficiently.

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