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What should we do if the nozzle of the printer is blocked in summer?

In summer, regarding printers, laser printers and other equipment, the hot working environment is bound to have a certain negative impact on their stability. After years of after-sales service experience, Shanghai Leadtech has accumulated and repaired data and found that , In summer, problems such as clogged nozzles of cij printers will appear more frequently than in other seasons, so how to deal with them? How to prevent it? Today we will discuss and share the skills and knowledge in this area.  Understand the structure of the cij printer, and deepen the understanding of the marking equipment.  In brief, the inkjet printer is composed of two parts: the circuit and the ink circuit. The circuit is generally composed of a CPU control system, an IO inkjet control system, a nozzle crystal oscillator, and a charging control system; the ink circuit is generally composed of pressure pumps, solenoid valves, filters and other parts. In the meantime, the ink circuit part is defective, and the probability of repairing is relatively large. The main reason is that the ink belongs to the fast-drying ink, and it will be dry within 1 second after printing. Some factory customers did not perform normal shutdown after using it. , There is residual ink in the nozzle and in the ink pipeline. Perhaps the machine has been shut down for too long, and the machine has not been opened for more than 3 months or even 6 months. This will cause the ink to block the pipeline, causing it to fail to start or print normally. Printing phenomenon. Leadtech advocates that the customer's inkjet printer must be shut down normally according to the process. If the downtime exceeds 1 month, someone must open the inkjet printer every month, let it work for about 30 minutes, then shut it down, and stick to the ink flow. Only in this way can the blockage problem be dealt with from the ground up, the service life can be extended, and the frequency of repairs can be reduced. Technical parameters, the scale of temperature and humidity requires that the operating temperature of the inkjet printer is generally between 5 and 40 degrees. If the temperature is lower than or beyond this temperature, Shanghai Leadtech generally advocates that the customer or the user may place the inkjet printer in the cabinet. Temperature control, adhere to a certain temperature and humidity What are the advantages of inkjet printers? First, it can reduce the solvent consumption of the inkjet printer and save the cost of acquisition and consumption. The second is to allow the machine to operate at normal temperature, which is beneficial to the circuit and ink circuit, which can improve the stability of the machine and equipment and extend the service life. The protection IP level does not have much assistance with regard to temperature. Different inkjet printers have different temperature habits and scales, but the difference is not too large. Laser machines are the same as cij printers. Generally, laser machines use air-cooled structure with some power. Larger models will use a water-cooled structure to ensure that the temperature control during normal operation is at a certain level and to ensure the stable operation of the machine.  Quick treatment method for inkjet nozzle clogging  After having a certain understanding of the printer structure and technical temperature requirements, we will face less failure rate, which can effectively reduce the probability of nozzle or ink channel blockage. How to deal with it quickly if the nozzle is clogged? Leadtech Leadtech lists the three-center repair and treatment methods for the reference of a wide range of users.   1. Nozzle cleaning. In the inkjet printer software operating system, no matter what brand and type of small character inkjet printer, there will be a nozzle cleaning option (such as all models of easycode EC-JET, which can be found through the F4+D method. Nozzle cleaning;   cij printer can find the menu, and nozzle cleaning can also be found in the system), the number of cleaning operations is usually 2 to 3 times. There is no time limit for cleaning operations. We need to clean the nozzles after cleaning. After that, perform manual stop to complete the cleaning. After repeated cleaning, more than 80% of the blocking problems can be dealt with.   2. Ultrasonic cleaning. It is a step up in the level of system cleaning. We need to have a certain ability to repair the inkjet printer. After disassembling the nozzle, place it in the ultrasonic cleaning machine, pour a certain amount of cleaning agent or solvent into it, and then open it. Ultrasonic cleaning is more direct than manual cleaning, and the intensity is relatively stronger, which is suitable for the severe condition of blocked machine nozzles that have been left for a long time.   3. Nozzle spare parts. Regarding the large output value and the long-term operation for 24 hours, once the production is stopped to repair the factories with great value, the Shanghai Leadtech inkjet printer manufacturer advocates that customers have 1 or 2 nozzle spare parts to ensure that the machine can be replaced at the first time when a problem occurs. The nozzles are rehabilitated. After they are removed, they will be repaired and tested, and they will be reserved for backup, saving time and improving repair power.

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