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What to do if the food production date is easy to fall off-look for a laser printer

Recently, Jiangsu authorities have received complaints from consumers that the production dates of some condiments are easily smeared and peeled off. After investigation, the problem of consumer complaints is not unfounded. There are many brands of condiments. There is indeed such a problem.

The production date of seasoning food is mostly printed on the bottle body and cap. However, some seasonings are wiped with ordinary alcohol cotton, the production date will be blurred, and then the wiping continues, the production date will be completely erased. The manufacturing date of condiments on the market needs to be standardized. Some companies use laser coding technology to firmly 'mark' the production date on the bottle, so that the production date is not separated from the bottle body, and it is not easy to fall off or smear or tamper with; condiment companies also use inkjet coding technology. In addition, the laser printer is used to print the production date of the bottle cap and the cap at the same time to ensure that it will not fall off and is not easy to change.

Digital printing has a history of more than 20 years in China. So far, many people in the industry believe that the cost-effectiveness of inkjet printing is relatively high for digital printing. Perhaps because of the low input cost and high cost performance of inkjet printing, inkjet printers are still favored by many food processing companies. However, these devices have certain shortcomings in terms of overall performance, effects, data processing capabilities and environmental protection.

First of all, cij printers need to work under dynamic flying conditions, and can only be used in food production lines, not alone. It is worth noting that this equipment is greatly affected by the color of the material itself. Packaging materials will also directly affect the clarity of the code. At the same time, the spray code is attached to the surface of the product, which is easy to apply and replace. This provides conditions for illegal traders to alter the production date and give the food that is close to expiration or has expired 'new appearance'.

Secondly, the use of the single-chip control system has limited data processing capabilities and limited Chinese character functions. It is only suitable for printing codes with content and less data information. It is not ruled out that some texts may not be printed. Inks and solvents are highly volatile substances. If used improperly or excessively, more chemical toxic residues will be produced, which will cause certain pollution to the environment. At the same time, it may penetrate into marked objects and affect the quality and safety of food.

With the rapid development of technology and the application of big data and the Internet of Things, laser printers have become the development trend of the industry. Some low-end, simple, easy-to-smear, and fall-off identification devices will be eliminated by the market. From simple code assignment, data communication to two-dimensional code retrospective marketing changes, it is the advancement of the technical level, and it is also the key point of the customer's demand for coding equipment in the future.

Currently, there are new laser printers on the market, which mainly adopt dot matrix retention technology and mark some important track points of the characters to be marked. Under the same production capacity, the new dot matrix laser printer is faster than traditional scribing equipment. Of course, more importantly, the laser printer is clearer and can be stored for a long time without being easily soiled or changed. The emergence of coding equipment not only effectively solves the problem of product confusion caused by unclear identification, but also reduces the occurrence of illegal and arbitrary alteration of production dates by illegal manufacturers, which infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Faced with the problem that the production date marked on the food packaging is easy to smear and change, on the one hand, the relevant departments must strengthen the supervision and rectification of the market. On the other hand, food processing companies should upgrade their coding equipment in time and introduce advanced laser printers. Use a professional laser printing machine to jointly prevent the occurrence of tampering with the production date.

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