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What will happen to the price of printers in 2020?

In the eastern coastal cities of China, there are a large number of manufacturing enterprises and excellent international brand manufacturers, and they have reached the forefront of the country in terms of product identification, whether it is FMCG, industrial products, and precision electronic products. Now, let’s discuss the changes in the price of inkjet printers from various perspectives. 1. Customer demand changes, the choice of laser printing machine types is limited, and the development of traditional models is restricted. The Internet of Things, informatization, integration, and customization are the reform directions of future industrial development. As auxiliary equipment to assist industrial production and product processing and manufacturing, inkjet printers are small, but they have a very large role. Products without inkjet logos will It cannot be circulated and sold in the market. Once there is a problem with the inkjet printer, the entire production line will be shut down without a backup machine, which directly affects the production capacity and efficiency of the manufacturer, which is of great importance. Therefore, the demand for a more stable marking equipment increases. In the market, we can easily see the needs of customers, and we are paying more attention to the three types of equipment: laser inkjet printers, UV high-resolution inkjet printers, and handheld inkjet printers. 1. The price of laser printers will show a downward trend in 2020. The rapid development in recent years has caused the sales of laser machines to soar. The effect of scale has begun to appear. The prices of core parts and accessories have generally declined, and mainstream suppliers have begun to take the route of small profits but quick turnover. At this stage, occupying the market is still an important task for many manufacturers or agents of coding and marking equipment, allowing customers to experience more of the advantages of laser equipment, thereby expanding channels and increasing sales. 2. The price of UV high-resolution inkjet printers will show a steady development trend in 2020. The core technology of large-format printing technology is still controlled by a small number of imported manufacturers. The more well-known core suppliers of print heads include HP, Xaar, Seiko and other brands. The core manufacturers behind these occupy most of the profits. , Pricing power is also one of their core advantages. Encoding large-format content on some cartons and cartons is the most advantageous place for UV inkjet printers after comparing with other different types of marking equipment, whether it is through multi-jet splicing or large-size single nozzles. High-definition product coding effect. 3. The price of handheld inkjet printers will drop to the bottom again in 2020. Hand-held inkjet printers have developed very maturely. The homogeneity of products among various brands is very serious. The core technology is also occupied by HP printheads. In 2020, printheads with a height of 1 inch (2.5CM) will occupy a large number of markets. Innovate the sales development trend of the entire market, especially the advancement of ink types and ink characteristics, which will occupy more small character inkjet printers. Hand-held inkjet printers have the opportunity to replace part of the small character inkjet laser laser marking machine market, but not all of them. For many automated production lines, due to speed and product reasons, only small characters can meet the needs. 2. From observation to insight, explore the business logic behind the price fluctuations of inkjet printers. If we want to talk more deeply about the price of inkjet printers, we must face our needs and choose different types of equipment. As a factory, we need more efficient coding methods to increase production capacity. When coding, we not only need to think of this independent link, but also need to be associated with upstream and downstream for overall management. As consumers, we need clear and easy-to-read product identification, including the brand, specification, model, production date, batch number, and validity period of the brand we care about. At the same time, in today's highly developed modern information communication, communication has become important, which gives a huge space for the development of QR code identification. A QR code can be used as the only product ID information code and can record a large amount of information. (Information formats include text, numbers, English, punctuation, etc.). It can build an interactive communication bridge between consumers and product manufacturers, realize the precise aggregation of big data, analyze and statistics, give us multi-dimensional data decision-making basis, and help companies make product positioning and strategic development decisions. The price fluctuations of inkjet printers are not temporary, but a long-term process. It involves not only hardware and software, but also the learning and mastery of core technologies. Among the domestic manufacturers of independent brand inkjet printers, it is still impossible to form a situation that can completely confront imported brands. Third, the factors that will determine consumer purchases in the future are not just prices. Service, here we must emphasize service again. Although the stability of high-resolution, laser, thermal foaming, UV and other types of inkjet printers has been greatly improved, they are compared with traditional printers and small character printers. Due to the limitation of the machine principle, the stability of these machines is difficult to make another qualitative breakthrough. So the ultimate reason that can determine whether consumers purchase or not can no longer be limited to the level of whose price is favorable and which laser printing machine brand engages in promotional activities. Since its official establishment in 2009, it has continuously enriched its after-sales service. In the future, no matter what type of customer's equipment, the demand for service itself will not change. Being able to give customers a good buying experience and being able to do the best from selection, testing, installation, and after-sales maintenance services is the core competitiveness of our company for a long time. u003c/pu003e

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