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Where are the important parts of the barcode printer?

Inkjet Printer Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. stated that for a bar code printer, the print head is its key component.

About the print head, it is made on a ceramic substrate, and the surface is coated with a special protective film, which is very sensitive. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to contact any hard objects with the surface of the print head at any time during normal operation. After printing a roll of ribbon or a roll of thermal labels, the print head and roller should be cleaned. This can maintain the quality of printing and extend the life of the print head.

So how should we maintain such an important part? Do I need to care for the side of important parts? In the following, the Inkjet Printer Factory Technology Co., Ltd. introduces us how to maintain the print head and other parts.

Note: Before maintenance, please make sure to remove your own static electricity. Excessive accumulation of static electricity will damage the print head. The use environment must meet the product requirements (for details, please refer to the product instruction manual or CD-ROM).

1. Cleaning the print head

Turn off the power of the barcode printer, turn the print head up, remove the ribbon and label paper, and soak a little print head cleaning liquid ( Use 75% medical alcohol instead of cotton swabs (or cotton cloth), gently wipe the print head until it is clean, and then gently dry the print head with a clean cotton swab. Please do not hit the print head with metal objects (such as a knife, screwdriver, etc.), and do not touch the print head with your hands.

2. Cleaning the roller

After cleaning the print head, clean the roller with a cotton swab (or cotton cloth) soaked in a little 75% alcohol. The method is to scrub while rotating the roller by hand, and then wipe dry after it is clean. The cleaning interval of the above two steps is generally once every three days, if the printer is used frequently, once a day.

3. Cleaning in the transmission system and the case

Because the general label paper is a sticker, its glue is easy to stick to the transmission shaft and channel, and there is dust. It directly affects the printing effect, so it needs to be cleaned frequently. Generally twice a week, the method is to use a cotton swab (or cotton cloth) soaked in alcohol to scrub the shafts, channels and surfaces of the transmission and the dust in the chassis, and then wipe them dry.

4. Cleaning of the sensor and other precautions

The sensor includes ribbon sensor and label sensor. Generally, it is cleaned once a month to three months. The method is to use a blower device (suction The ball is enough) to blow away the dust and foreign objects on the sensor.

Power grounding wire: to prevent damage to the print head and the main board of the machine due to excessive static electricity accumulation and abnormal voltage fluctuations.

Barcode printers cannot be plugged or unplugged under power. Hot plugging and unplugging can easily burn the printer motherboard. Turn off the power before plugging or unplugging the data cable.

The daily maintenance of the printer is directly related to the service life of the print head. If the maintenance is not good, it is easy to shorten the service life of the print head, or even damage the print head and the main board of the machine.

Inkjet Printer Factory Technology Co., Ltd. summarized to us that barcode printers, as an output device, require routine maintenance when they are used frequently. The print head, as the most frequently used component, is often cleaned to make it more comfortable to work. It is a matter of course.

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