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Where can the printer be used?

According to the different surface materials of food packaging, the surface materials that can be printed by the inkjet printer are mainly soft plastics and hard plastics, such as pet, all kinds of cartons, paper packaging, glass, metal, etc.  The main function of the cij printer in the cosmetics industry is to improve the efficiency, grade and quality of the label, to meet the needs of the label for health certification, anti-counterfeiting and anti-wearing, thereby saving manpower and production costs. According to the wide variety of cosmetic packaging and different materials, the inkjet printer mainly uses non-contact, fast, automatic cleaning, and cost-effective features on such packaging materials. The printing is in line with the relevant requirements of the national cosmetics industry license. Regulations. Such as 'product batch number, expiration date, Chinese characters and other information'.  In the beverage industry, such as the production date on the cap of the mineral water bottle, the product batch number under the bottle, etc. The production environment of beverages is basically very humid, requires high environmental hygiene, often requires stainless steel structures or protection product technical requirements, and requires the inkjet printer to print quickly and dry after being attached. For the beverage manufacturing industry, the output is very large, and the adhesion of the coding must not be affected by the condensation process.  According to the characteristics of the beverage industry, Famako recommends an easy-code 300 inkjet printer with a stainless steel body. The ink is 'immediately' attached to the wet glass bottle or outer packaging without staining other places. After being refrigerated or placed in an ice bucket, the marking can be equally durable and clear.  In the pharmaceutical industry, according to the regulations of the State Food and Drug Administration (GMP certification requirements: all drugs must be clearly displayed on the smallest sales unit with three lines of date/expiration date, product batch number). Therefore, the inkjet printer in the pharmaceutical industry is still mainly based on the production date, expiration date, and product batch number. Application of printing production date, expiration date, product batch number can improve the efficiency and quality of labeling; effectively carry out product batch number management, logistics circulation, etc.   To sum up, the purpose of the inkjet printer is not only the production date, expiration date, product batch number, etc. It can be applied in all walks of life, such as product logos, QR codes, barcodes, etc.

However, with the increased prevalence of cij printer, it has become far more affordable.

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cij printer allows users to use in innovative ways that fit their individual needs, while at the same time providing cost-effective, reliable and user-friendly products.

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