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The coding machine is easy to operate. After the power is turned on, it can be used after preheating. The cost is relatively low, and the area is small. It has become the first choice for small and medium-sized enterprises. The coding machine is naturally not perfect. It is an indisputable fact that the characters printed by the coding machine are easy to fade when wiped with alcohol for many times. The printing paper is relatively high, and the printing font size is therefore subject to many restrictions.   The code printer is a non-contact inkjet marking system controlled by a single-chip microcomputer. By controlling the internal gear pump or supplying compressed air from the outside of the machine, a certain pressure is applied to the ink in the system, so that the ink is ejected through a nozzle with an aperture of several tens of micrometers. Logo.   Which is the best coding machine? The    coding machine applies a certain pressure to the ink in the system by controlling the internal gear pump or supplying compressed gas from the outside of the machine, so that the ink is ejected through a nozzle with an aperture of tens of microns. The crystal oscillation signal applied above the nozzle splits the continuous ink line into ink droplets with the same frequency, the same size, and a certain interval. Then, the ink droplets are charged separately when they pass the charging electrode, and the amount of electricity charged by the central processing unit CPU Control; and then check whether the actual charge and phase of the ink drop are correct through the detection electrode; finally, the charged ink drop is deflected in the deflection electric field formed by the deflection electrode, ejected from the nozzle, and hit different positions on the surface of the product to form the required Various characters, patterns and other logos. The uncharged ink drops are driven into the recovery tank and re-enter the ink circulation system inside the machine. Which printer is better? Brand advantages: The printer is easy to use! After the power is turned on, it can be used after warming up. It needs consumables, including ribbons, ink rollers, and low cost. Simple operation and small footprint. General small businesses and It is used by medium-sized enterprises.    Disadvantages: The adhesion of date or batch number generally may fade if rubbed with alcohol for more than ten times! It is easy to get hot and dripping! Food bags will not be clean. It is troublesome to change the date. The print content is limited. Common alphanumeric printing Paper plastic bags with limited items must be relatively flat to print. The font is too small and the limited printer is good. The main types of printers on the market are ribbon printers, pneumatic printers, and ink wheels. Coding machines and so on, they all have their own differences: the ink wheel coding machine is widely used, and some small companies will use it. The reason is simple, that is, its price is the most affordable. In addition, its disadvantage is that it is easy to wipe off, and the adhesion is not strong; and the price of the ribbon is more expensive than the ink roller, the printing is better, and it is more difficult to wipe. It seems very clear. The printing effect of the printer will not be very good. The performance of the cij printer may be the best machine in this industry. The consumable of the cij printer is ink, which cannot be wiped off after printing, and the effect is very clear. But the cost of machinery is high! Generally small companies are not useful.

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