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Which printers are suitable for printing on metal cans and aluminum cans? -

Which cij printers are suitable for printing on metal cans and aluminum cans? Many customers often call to inquire about the cans that need to print the production date and what cij industrial inkjet printer to buy? Then the inkjet industrial inkjet printer manufacturer will explain to you how to buy cij printers for metal cans and aluminum cans? Metal cans and aluminum cans are mainly concentrated in the beverage, beer, and milk powder industries in life. So in order to ensure the clarity of the coding, what coding machine should be used? The ink jet printer is the first choice.

The current market share of cij printers has reached 60%. With the continuous improvement of ink adhesion of inkjet printers, the speed marking of inkjet printers on the production line is also obvious to all. Metal cans and aluminum cans The first choice for marking is the ink jet industrial inkjet printer.

Secondly, laser marking machine is recommended. Since this year, the market share of laser marking machine has been increasing. The market demand for laser marking machine is also difficult to understand. The principle of laser marking machine It is based on the surface of the broken object. The effect of marking can be said to be permanent and unchangeable. The effective means for many companies to ensure product quality is to use laser marking machines for marking to strictly crack down on counterfeit and shoddy products. , But the application of laser marking machine in the production line of metal cans and aluminum cans, only large and medium-sized enterprises can be able to purchase, laser marking machine marking metal cans and aluminum cans also need to be considered comprehensively.

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