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Thermal transfer printer is a kind of no fixed word grain, can be in soft smooth thin material surface printing printing equipment. According to the size of the print surface is divided into a variety of different models, like everyday to see information on food packaging and design, such as thermal transfer printer is used for the work done. So most of the market on the outer packing has the equipment manufacturing factories, and what are the reasons of thermal transfer printer? A diversification, print information in accordance with the regulations of each individual package goods need to be on the surface of the product for a variety of information display, such as snack products production, production date, shelf life, product code, etc. , in terms of customers more clear understanding to this product, is also a problem way back. And quality of service good thermal transfer printer is can be a variety of information in the vast majority of products on the packaging printing printing. Early two, more economic and environmental protection because of machine technology of traditional thermal transfer printer and inkjet materials, printing ink, consuming and has a certain smell, but so far, are very popular with customers of thermal transfer laser laser marking machine has to be more perfect, has been on the quantity of ink can achieve precise control, greatly saving the cost of the machine, but also improve the raw material formula, to enhance the environmental protection. 3, continuous or intermittent printing products are usually more than a line station type, is a clear division of responsibilities and are closely linked, and the thermal transfer printer in the work, can according to the product works, set up the continuous or intermittent printing to print batch print is usually according to the set point of the signal in real time of thermal transfer printer to print, while continuous printing application of continuous production line, in the mobile products on a continuous printing. This is thermal transfer laser laser marking machine has some advantages, also let many enterprises and the reason for the choice of the factory. Thermal transfer printer fewer restrictions on print information and patterns, can achieve through intelligent layout to generate data can print, whereas the economic and environmental protection could better save some cost for the enterprise, continuous and intermittent printing function is also in order to better to meet the needs of customer production printing.

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