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Why do food printers use laser coding?

have a wide range of applications and are used in building materials, electronics, food, packaging and other industries to ensure the completion of product identification. Different industries have different requirements for inkjet printers, and the available inkjet printers are different. The inkjet equipment should be selected according to actual needs to ensure the quality of inkjet printing. Food printers generally use laser coding, why?

Nowadays, we attach great importance to food safety and hygiene. To ensure the safe production of food, the production equipment used must meet the requirements. The cij printer is a kind of inkjet equipment used in the production process, and its safety is naturally required to meet the standards. There are two commonly used cij printers on the market, laser type and ink type. Ink type inkjet printers need to add ink and solvent. The inkjet logo is first to form a dot matrix on the surface of the product, and after the ink dries Only then can the final characters, numbers, patterns and other required logos be formed. Solvents and inks are not guaranteed to be safe and harmless. In contrast, laser coding is more in line with the requirements. After all, there is no need to add inks and solvents, and these chemicals will not be produced, which is compatible with the use of food inkjet printers. standard.

Laser coding is a computer-controlled deflection of the laser beam, which uses the high temperature of the laser to directly burn the product to be marked to form the required font or pattern. The elimination of ink and solvent reduces production costs for manufacturers and improves production efficiency. More importantly, it is environmentally safe and does not produce chemical substances harmful to the environment and the human body, and meets the use standards. The advantages of choosing laser coding for food printers are also more obvious anti-counterfeiting effects. Laser coding can effectively suppress the problem of label counterfeiting and protect the rights and interests of enterprises.

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