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Why do printer manufacturers recommend using original printer consumables?

We have some feedback from customers that the printer head is clogged and the printing is not clear. After investigation by our technicians, individual defects were removed. More part of it was caused by the customer's failure to use the original printer consumables. Why do printer manufacturers recommend using original industrial inkjet printer consumables? The main reasons are as follows: 1. The safety of consumables from the original manufacturer is relatively better.

The nozzle is severely blocked, which will cause frequent shutdowns of the switch. Because the ink viscosity cannot be controlled and the ink droplets are split, there will be defects, uneven ink dots, unclear markings, and deviations in fonts, etc., and the inkjet code will not achieve the expected results. The ink adhesion drops easily and easily falls off, forcing us to have to clean the whole machine many times.

2. Inferior cij printer consumables will increase the number of industrial inkjet printer failures and abnormal shutdowns, which will shorten the life of the industrial inkjet printer and reduce production efficiency. Frequent failures will shorten the life of the main components of the printer. Once these parts are damaged, it will affect production and increase maintenance costs. Failures caused by the use of non-factory original consumables (ink, solvent, cleaning agent) will not be included in the scope of free maintenance. 3. There are some models of cij printers that are expensive. We don't recommend that in order to save a little money on consumables, directly damage the cij printer, which affects the efficiency and also damages the cij printer.

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