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Why do we need to deal with the waste liquid generated after the printer is working?

The inkjet industrial inkjet printer manufacturer will answer you why you need to deal with the waste liquid generated after the cij printer works? First: Waste liquid composition Regardless of the price of the inkjet printer, waste liquid will be generated during the operation of the inkjet industrial inkjet printer, which is the residue of the printing materials. Due to the alcohol content in the printing materials, fires may occur when encountering sparks. In order to prevent the occurrence of fire, it is necessary to dispose of the waste liquid after the printer has been working for a certain period of time.

Second: Protect the environment. There are many chemical components in the working process of cij printers, and these chemical components will cause certain pollution to the environment. In order to achieve the purpose of protecting the environment, waste liquid treatment is necessary. By adding certain compounds to the waste liquid, the harmful components in the waste liquid can be precipitated, and these waste liquids will not pollute the environment after being discharged. Third: to ensure safety. The waste liquid generated during the work of the inkjet industrial inkjet printer is corrosive to a certain extent. If it directly contacts the skin, it will erode the surface of people's skin. In serious cases, the skin will be deeply corroded. If the waste is discharged directly, it may be directly contacted by people, which will cause certain harm to the human body and cause a large number of deaths of fish and shrimp, or other organisms.

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