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Why does the bar code printer's needle break so easily

What are the reasons for the broken needle of the bar code printer print head?

The main reasons for the broken needles in printing are:

1. The dust on the surface of the paper is scraped to the thin needles.

2. The surface of cheap label contains unevenness, which is also one of the main reasons for broken needles.

3. Because of the use of cheap ribbons and labels, the temperature of the print head must be increased to print clearly, but the high temperature is also the cause of easy breakage of the needle and shortening the life of the print head.

5. The label that fell on the ground is covered with dust but is rolled back for use.

6. The use width of the ribbon should be wider than the label, because the edge of the label is very sharp; not only cuts the hand but also cuts the print head, so don’t use a narrower than the label to save the ribbon. The size of the print head will be more than the savings.

7. The roller under the print head is not clean; there are many protruding hard rubber blocks that cause a limp road.

8. Basically, the life of the print head of a barcode printer is not calculated by the length of time, but by the length of printing, which is a bit like the kilometers of a car. The normal service life of the general print head is about 30km~50km.

How to maintain the print head of the barcode printer?

1. Try to use the labels and ribbons provided by the bar code printer agents. At least they understand the characteristics of the printer and understand the importance and cost of the print head.

2. For every three rolls of ribbon, wipe the barcode printer head with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol, wipe the roller with a clean cloth dampened with oil, and then use a brush to remove the dust in the machine. go.

3. Don't adjust the temperature of the print head at will in order to print a little black, as long as it is clear and printable.

4. The horizontal and vertical pressure of the bar code print head must be accurate so as not to cause uneven load and break the needle.

5. Do not use the label that has fallen on the ground and is covered with dust or is unpackaged.

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