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Why is the Mid-Autumn festival gift box printing without the existence of the laser marking machine?

since the Dragon Boat Festival is the most looking forward to a holiday is the Mid-Autumn festival. Now is the end of July, more than a month, the Mid-Autumn festival and for many manufacturers about the Mid-Autumn festival moon cake gift box logo printing is need to start preparing now, so can in the coming Mid-Autumn festival and a better show in front of consumers. If there is no equipment in advance, so will only appear in a hurry, all relative to the competition may be really behind The Times, also has no substantial effect, do not want to be someone else hot sales, and you begin to prepare?

for the Mid-Autumn festival moon cakes, every year, you can see the colorful packaging, in the packaging must not be missing labels several: moon cake label whether accord with the requirement of GB7718, the net content of the packaging, production date, shelf-life, brand logo, factory address, executive standard number, product number, raw materials and other related information, in order to is to make consumers can clearly when buy moon cakes of relevant information, can effectively prevent the consumers buy 3 without the product. We can choose to use for the logo laser marking machine for code.

the Mid-Autumn season, many enterprises are in place. After all, we all know that Mid-Autumn festival is a traditional festival in our country, to carry forward the Chinese culture is each of us should do, and the Mid-Autumn festival to eat moon cakes to celebrate is an indispensable part of, the Mid-Autumn festival is actually means reunion, so in the Mid-Autumn festival family will sit together, chatting to eat moon cakes. We all know that the moon cake packaging both bags, also have a box at the same time, more tin box packaging; Either material or the type of packaging of moon cakes, inevitable is inseparable from the date of production, so businesses can choose CO2 laser marking machine or optical fiber laser marking machine to moon cake production date, shelf-life, logo and other related logo marking code.

why? Mainly because the laser marking machine series products on moon cake marking has the following characteristics:

1, for the moon cake packaging material laser marking machine is able to in the surface marking code, but the co2 laser marking machine cannot be used in metal material.

2, laser marking machine belongs to no consumables, non-contact marking, so will not affect the moon cake, can let the consumer feel free to use, particularly for the bagged class of mooncakes.

3, marking laser marking belong to environmental protection, long standby. Ensure that moon cakes can meet the needs of the Mid-Autumn festival and many consumers.

4, simple operation, the staff will produce date when use only need to import operation page can realize the automatic marking, can save manpower. Other aspects of demand marking can also be modified at any time, do it fast marking precision effect.

5, compared with traditional marking, laser marking machine in all aspects of the more obvious advantages.

all in all in the Mid-Autumn festival approaching, in order to be able to make the moon cake production during equipment production, and do better, and merchants should buy to buy a laser marking machine. In this way can let oneself of mooncakes and competitors appear, to stand out from the crowd.

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