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Why spurt the code machine is so widely used in our country?

As the demand of the packaging machinery industry growing, spurt the code machine as the packaging industry is an important equipment, its application in various industries are more and more widely. Why spurt the code machine is so widely used in our country? Spurt the code machine used mainly in food, supplies, packaging, machinery, building materials, daily chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, cables, electronics, etc, the function of printing in addition to know the production date, batch number, pattern, qr code, such as content, also can be a potential problem of tracking, to prevent counterfeit and so on, widely used in our country with the following factors. A, the provisions of the state laws and regulations to ensure that consumer interests, food and drink must be marked on the packaging production date, shelf life medicine must identify batch number, production date, validity. Second, the enterprise internal management needs manufacturers can be effectively track according to the logo printing production, standardize the market. Three products of many different specifications, product recognition, from product appearance is difficult to identify the brand or trademark, by spray print clear and stable product specifications and plant scale, can quickly identify real products, to protect the interests of the economy, and inferior products. The other logo is not easy to wear and tear 'can support the persistence storage transport and handling. Four, product added value to the user, clear and accurate identification is a method of identity of brand standards and confidence for the safe use of logo for a long time, and for production enterprises, using fenma technology can improve the brand market image and unified identity management, establish a good image recognition and product appearance beautification. At the same time, the cost of using spurt the code machine is relatively small, only need to spurt the code machine consumables, demand for the rest of the material is not a lot. Five, the anti-counterfeiting and inter-district sales spray print special mark on the product or the packaging ( Graphics, fonts, code) Or use the special functions such as invisible ink to prevent counterfeit counterfeit products circulation, also can spray print different number and graphics for customer management, prevent the inter-district sales and cargo. Six, to reduce the cost effectively reduce the cost, reduce the downtime in the process of production, reduce working intensity. Spray on the logistics demand in product packaging, bar code, classification and circulation of the product, and speed up the production line and warehouse management is more reasonable and scientific, but also strengthen the monitoring and the effective management of inventory of raw materials. Spurt the code machine is widely used in our country, it is widely used at the same time also drives the development of other related industries, such as printing machine consumables industry, spurt the code machine maintenance, etc. , are steadily forward in the pace of development. Spurt the code machine in our country's rapid pace of development, not only because of the rapid industrial development in our country, from the point of spurt the code machine itself and the enterprise development, cannot leave its widespread use factor, believe our printing opportunities to develop better and better!

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