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Why We Choose UV Laser Marking Machine For Medical Surgical Face Mask Marking?


Reasons Of Using UV Laser Marking Machine


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the protective face mask has become a necessity of life at this stage. However, the huge demand gap has caused some unscrupulous traders to take advantage of the situation, a large number of inferior masks have flowed into the market, and entries related to frauds of fake masks have been frequently searched. False masks not only have no protective effect, but also have the risk of being contaminated because the production environment is not up to standard, which is extremely harmful to personal health. The most direct way to identify genuine and fake masks is to check the laser anti-counterfeiting marks. Therefore, a good choice is to use UV laser marking machine for making medical surgical face mask during the marking processing process.


Low Cost UV Laser Marking Machine


The basic principle of UV laser marking machine is to use a high-energy-density laser beam to act on the surface of the material, focus on the surface material to instantaneously vaporize or change color, and control the path of the laser on the surface of the material to form the required permanent marks. In addition, laser marking can also be combined with computer technology. By linking the database system, we can track and query detailed information such as the factory delivery and circulation of food in a timely manner to ensure that we can rest assured. Most importantly, it takes the advantages of non-toxic, non-polluting, high efficiency, high definition, beautiful patterns, never falling off, etc. So, it plays an important role on the marking of medical devices and medicines.


LEAD TECH recommends this type of LT80003U UV laser marking machine. It is a good low cost laser marking machine but useful convenient and stable when make the anti-counterfeiting marks. Portable-oriented industrial laser marking machine is also suitable for small workshop.

Why We Choose UV Laser Marking Machine For Medical Surgical Face Mask Marking? 1


Medical Surgical Face Mask UV Laser Marking Printing Machine LT80003U LT8005U

Why We Choose UV Laser Marking Machine For Medical Surgical Face Mask Marking? 2


Commercial Laser printer All aluminum structure LT8020F LT8030F LT8050F

Why We Choose UV Laser Marking Machine For Medical Surgical Face Mask Marking? 3


Laser Batch Coding Machine Comprehensive dust-proof LT8020C LT8030C


UV Laser Marking Machine Performance Introduction


The UV Laser Marking Machine is composed of a software control system, a computer control system, an optical system, a workbench, etc.


①Control system: The control system controls the operation of the entire equipment, including the power supply and control of the optical system components and the cooling system, and the control and indication of the alarm system.


②Computer control system: The computer control system includes a computer, a digital galvanometer card, and drives the optical system components to operate according to the parameters set by the marking control software, and emits a pulsed laser, so as to accurately etch the content to be marked on the surface of the processed object . The control system has a full Chinese interface, compatible with files exported by AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP and other software. It can be marked with barcodes, QR codes, graphics and text. It supports PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, AI and other file formats. Using SHX, TTF font, can automatically encode, print serial number, batch number, date, etc.


③ Optical system: The optical system includes laser, galvanometer scanning system and focusing lens. The laser beam output by the laser is irradiated on a group of reflective lenses of the galvanometer scanning system. The two deflectable lenses are respectively clamped on two precision galvanometer motors (high-speed galvanometers). When the galvanometer receives a computer voltage signal When the driving action occurs, the two reflective lenses are driven to rotate to realize the deflection of the laser beam. The deflected laser beam is irradiated at different positions on the object to be processed, and a predetermined figure or character is formed on the surface of the object. The key components of the optical system are all imported high-quality brand products, with high precision, fast speed and stable performance, which can meet the requirements of long-term continuous work.


④ Cooling system: The cooling system of the laser marking machine adopts high-precision water cooling, and the cooling system ensures the long-term and stable operation of the optical system.


⑤Complete machine features: compact appearance and small volume.


Working Environment Requirements


The ambient temperature is required to be between 10-35 ° C, and other requirements require air conditioning. 

The humidity requirement is 40% -80%. No condensation, dehumidifier should be installed.

Power grid requirements: 220V; 50Hz

Fluctuation of power supply grid: ± 5%, grid ground meets international requirements. In areas where the voltage amplitude is more than 5%, electronic automatic voltage stabilizing and current stabilizing devices should be installed.

There should be no strong electromagnetic signal interference near the installation equipment. Avoid radio transmitting stations (or relay stations) around the installation site.

Foundation amplitude: less than 50um; vibration acceleration: less than 0.05g. Avoid a large number of machine tools such as stamping nearby. The space requirements of the equipment should be smoke-free and dust-free, and avoid working environments with serious dust such as metal polishing and grinding.

Air pressure: 86-106kpa.

In some environments, anti-static floors should be installed and shielding should be strengthened.


Industry Applications


In fact, the laser marking anti-counterfeiting technology can not only be used to identify the authenticity of masks, but also plays a huge role in packaging anti-counterfeiting and traceability in the fields of food, medicine, tobacco, beauty, electronic products, etc. It can be said that laser marking Anti-counterfeiting has been integrated into all aspects of our lives. UV laser marking machine is used to marking medical surgical face mask, high-end electronic product appearance LOGO logo, food, PVC pipe, pharmaceutical packaging materials (HDPE, PO, PP, etc.) marking, micro-perforation, flexible PCB board marking and scribing, etc. Get it!


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