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With the birth of the QR code, food safety is also worry-free

People take food as their heaven, and food has always been an indispensable part of people's daily life. In recent years, because of some special cases, food safety has become a hot topic for people, and it has also become a problem that must be solved in the modern environment. Food safety is not only about the conscience of enterprises and the degree of compliance with laws and regulations, but also the improvement of relevant supervision systems and laws and regulations. Although not increasing the cost of illegality can eliminate food safety problems, it does have a certain deterrent effect. With the emergence of such a situation, a food traceability system is gradually being established. One of the more important points is the wide application of QR codes. The two-dimensional code on food, through a specific combination of black and white small grids, contains the raw materials, origin, processing process, and circulation information of the food. This not only facilitates the supervision of food by law enforcement personnel, but also corrects it to a certain extent. Consumers are satisfied with their safe consumption. It is reported that two-dimensional codes can be realized by printing, coding and other means. At this stage, with the breakthrough of cij printer technology, the two-dimensional code printing has reached a high recognition rate, and the inkjet printing two-dimensional code can also achieve cost savings. I believe that it will get faster in the future. develop.

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