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Comparison of traditional relief and laser 3D relief technology

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-12

Relief has a more beautiful and sturdy form, and it is also very easy to store for a long time. These are the advantages of relief. Now it has been widely used in gold and silver jewelry and other fields. And the relief production method mainly includes three aspects, artificial knife and paper carving, automatic mechanical carving and mold printing.

We know that artificial knives will generally engrave more exquisite reliefs, and the shape of the reliefs is also more delicate and delicate, but it still has shortcomings, the quality of the carvings , It is directly related to the engraving level of the craftsman. We process it for a long time, but the engraving efficiency is also relatively low. So we generally put it in the small batch production type. And if we use the automatic mechanical engraving method, its speed is very fast, and the format is also very large, which are its advantages. Therefore, automatic mechanical engraving is suitable for mass production. But its disadvantage is that the limitation of tool size will affect the engraving quality, and it is difficult to realize the engraving of tiny structures. Mold printing is the most efficient among the three methods, but we need to make molds in advance. If we want to make some minor modifications to the appearance of the relief, then we need to re-formulate the mold, so the disadvantage of mold printing is Appeared, mold printing takes a long time, and the cost is relatively high, and it is not flexible enough.

However, by using 3D laser marking technology for engraving, the quality of our engraving is also relatively high, and our engraving has a high degree of automation, so it is widely used It is used in the relief industry, but it is also prone to carbonization of wood, and the surface quality of the relief will be seriously affected by the carbonized layer.

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