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Effect of laser marking machine if there is a marking uneven how should solve

In the process of using laser marking machine, may encounter different problems big and small, such as laser marking machine marking effect is not the problem of uniform? We should be how to solve? First of all, a range of content in part to focus. Because each focus lens has a corresponding range of depth of focus, and deviation method is easy to cause the focal length of a wide range of tag design, the edge is located in the depth of focus point or outside the scope of depth of focus, this is more likely to cause the effect of inhomogeneity. Solution: used in partial focus marking method, we need to consider the laser energy, and in using the tag mode, try not to over or over the depth range of critical point. 2. The reason of the material, such as film thickness is inconsistent or material surface physical and chemical properties change of laser energy response is sensitive. Usually, in the same material, the laser energy to achieve material failure threshold is determined. When the material thickness is not at the same time, or when other physical and chemical process is not uniform, the effect of the laser marker will be uneven. Solution: material should be carefully chosen, the surface coating thickness, the same uniform surface physical and chemical treatment. 3. Machine level is not adjusted, the laser vibration lens or mirror lens and machining is not parallel. Because they are not horizontal, laser beam and the distance between the object to be processed through the field lens after will not be consistent, and the energy density of the laser falls on the processed object will not be consistent, the impact on the material is not uniform. Solution: before using this equipment, adjust the level of the machine in advance, and make laser vibration lens or mirror lens and a parallel processing platform. Above is solve the optical fiber laser marking machine marking effect is not uniform. In use for a long time in the process of laser marking machine, if the laser marking equipment problems will directly affect the marking effect, so the correct way of using the equipment and routine maintenance is also very important.

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