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How to integrate the industrial chain in the inkjet printer industry

The successful model of foreign inkjet printer manufacturers is also worthy of our reference, and the successful channel model can bring good benefits. On the websites of some well-known foreign inkjet printer manufacturers, the price of construction inkjet printer manufacturers is 10 times of our domestic retail price, and it is settled in U.S. dollars. People in the industry know that 70% of foreign construction inkjet printer manufacturers rely on imported Chinese inkjet printer manufacturers.   And we are consuming domestic non-renewable resources and cheap labor, but the profit in exchange is the lowest. Why is there such a situation that we work hard and low-end to do production, and others get high profits because they have mastered sales channels, that is, they have mastered industrial integration channels. How does the inkjet printer industry integrate the industrial chain? my country has been at the peak of demand for inkjet printer manufacturers in the real estate industry for the past 10 years, especially for hard-decorated inkjet printer manufacturers. However, as the real estate market matures, market demand The amount will gradually decrease, so the consumption cycle of other products in the inkjet printer industry is relatively shorter than that of inkjet printer manufacturers. Therefore, in the next few years, soft decoration products will gradually become the main body of the inkjet printer industry consumption. .   So how can cij printer manufacturers and enterprises carry out effective industrial integration? The products in the entire industrial chain of inkjet printer manufacturers are integrated, and the two industries from hard decoration to soft decoration are more meticulously integrated to further improve value-added services. The following is a general summary of five aspects: product integration, service integration, design integration, logistics integration, and channel integration. These five types of integration help the business development of different regions, integration, complementation, mutual support, etc. Without integration, the profit volatility of the company's product brand will be very large, and the competitiveness after integration will be very strong.  How does the inkjet printer industry integrate the industrial chain? Coming out of the market of inkjet printer manufacturers, it is recommended that distributors develop alternative marketing models to help distributors establish their core competitiveness. In the past, dealers had to spend a lot of money, and most of them were unwilling to do it. The most direct is price competition, and prices can only ask for resources from the source manufacturers, and manufacturers are desperately improving work efficiency and reducing costs in order to enhance product competitiveness The output of competitiveness to the market reflects the price. How can we break away from this vicious industrial chain to reduce dealer operating costs, help dealers build core competitiveness, manufacturers’ price advantages, and ultimately effectively lower terminal prices to achieve a win-win situation.

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